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 3-21 kandanishikicho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo. Near Otemachi or Takebashi st. 


JLPT ACADEMYは 外国人向けに日本語能力試験対策、日本語会話の授業を提供しています

JLPT Preparation & Japanese Conversation

Japanese Language Proficiency Test & Japanese Conversation in Tokyo         日本語page

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Sunday  09:05-12:05
Study grammar,Reading,Kanji and Vocabulary.
 <Duration> 16th April - 25th June 2017 
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Sunday ( 3 classes) ①Grammar Class 09:30-12:00   ②Reading&Listening class 13:00-15:30 ③Kanji&Vocabulary class 15:45-17:45
※You can take as many classes as you want.

 Sunday 13:00-17:20

A Free consulation for JLPT Prep course
JLPT N1/N2/N3 10weeks Preparation course starts on 16th April 2016.
We have a free level check and a free consultation for thoes who are interested in taking our course. Our experienced Japanese instructor will check your Japanese level and explain to you what you need to study more to pass the JLPT .

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The JLPT  Pass rate @JLPT ACADEMY  2011-2016 N1: 62%  N2:68%  N3:90%  N4:91%  


JLPT ACADEMY was established in 2011 in order to offer a class specialized for Japanese Language
Proficiency Test.We will guide you to success in passing the examination by our efficient and effective
lessons, which are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.Our flexible system, with counseling for
students of all levels who are interested, allows even the busy business person to study on their own pace.
Let us run with you towards the same goal

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 Our classroom(Near Otemachi st) 

We support your self-learning experience  
      by presenting a clear learning plan and a warm-hearted counseling.

Small group lesson or Private lesson
     Finely-textured lesson!

Our curriculum is efficient and to-the-point.  
     We will provide the maximum effect in short period of time.

Our teachers are the professionals of the exam prep. 
     We will teach you the know-how of passing the exam.

We are located in the center of business. 
     Otemachi in Tokyo! Very convenient access.

  Our classroom's building 1F

PLATFORM SQUARE3-21 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0054
Near Otemachi station(Marunouchi-linc/Chiyoda-line/Toei-Mita line)/ Takebashi station(tozai line)
〒101-0054 東京都千代田神田錦町3-21 千代田プラットフォームスクウェア

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