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JLPT  ACADEMY                                                          
 Japanese Language school for Japanese Language Proficiency Test / Japanese Conversation     
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                                 REGULAR LESSON    

We offer lessons that suit your level, purpose and pace. (JLPT,dairy conversation, news, kanji etc)
We will show you what is necessary to achieve your goal now. .
Private lessons are one of effective way of improving your Japanese in the shortest period of time.
Please contact us for a free counseling and a level check by our professional Japanese teacher

Level & Target
■From beginner to advanced.   From N5 to N1.
■You can study Daily conversation, business conversation etc in addition to preparation for the    Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It's your choice.

Your Present Level Your target  Required Lesson hours (example) 
N5 Passed N4 Pass  30hours-50hours
N4 Passed N3 Pass 35hours-60hours 
N3 Passed N2 Pass  40hours-100hours 
N2 Passed N1 Pass  40hours-80hours 

Normally we ask everybody to study once a week at our place and make time to do you assignments at home the other days. If possible we recommend you study 2.5-3hours per lesson once a week.

Ⅰ】OUR PLACE: Platform Square private room near Otemachi-station  
         ◆Map(OUR PLACE)
          ※Private room 

【Ⅱ】YOUR PLACE ( Dispatched Lesson)
 we will travel to your chosen location.

(for 1person)※1 lesson is 90minutes
Place Tuition Fee  
Our Place / Your Place 7,600 yen  +tax

■No registration Fee
■Your place: Actual cost of transportation between Otemachi and the class location will be added.
■If it takes more than 20minutes from our place to your place, we apply travel expenses.
■Textbook fee/Material fee not included.

<Our Place>
1 Person (1lesson=90minutes)   ※am 9:00-12:00   pm 12:00-21:00
Course 1 Lesson Total
04 lessons 7,600yen(+tax) 30,400yen(+tax) 
20 lessons 7,500yen (+tax)  150,000yen(+tax)

Course 1 Lesson Total
04 lessons 10,000yen(+tax) 40,000yen(+tax)
20 lessons
9,800yen(+tax) 196,000yen(+tax)

Pay tuition fees via bank transfer 5days before your classes start.

Cancelation Policy
■Lessons can be rescheduled up until 6pm the day before. After this time, charges will apply.

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